Special Profiles

Each bearing is designed around the application it is used in and sometimes that include a profile on the inner or outer ring. We have an array of profiles that we can use on our bearings, including common ones listed below or something completely unique to your application. In collaboration with our application engineers, we will work with you to ensure the right profile, tolerances, material, surface finish, and even the harmonics of the profile are fine-tuned to ensure quite operation, even at high speeds.

A V groove profile O Cylindrical bearing, dimensions out of norm
G Gothic profile groove (convex profile on notch sides) J Ring with synthetic coating
B Convex profile L Ring(s) with surface treatment, antiwear coating
C Concave profile M Ring larger than the other
D One-side chamfer S Ring in stainless steel X105 CrMo17 (440C) – Indicated before part number
E Double-side chamfer R Post machining (milling, markings, ...)
U Ring with hole T Double row
SP Ring in stainless steel SPX-HT - Indicated before part number
H Retention groove ring X
Special form not identified by one of the other codes as for instance:
  • Stainless Steel Balls
  • Special Raceway Forms
  • Different Tolerances on Inner and Outer Rings
  • Custom Clearances 
  • Different Material for Inner and Outer Rings
Indicated before part number
K Raceway off centered
N Profile off centered

The codes O, T, X are always indicated in the outer ring coding sequence (first part of the basis), as they define a feature of the complete bearing.

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