Packaging & Labeling

Packaging is a very important parameter for the retention of the bearing quality during transport and storage. It is designed to protect the bearings against corrosion, dust, and other pollutants.

Apart from that, each unit is labeled and carries all the relevant information concerning the technical and quality features of the bearing.

The production batch number is printed on the label and guarantees the traceability of the product, as well as the identification of the manufacturing date.

Therefore, it is advisable to unpack the ball bearing only prior to use or assembly.

Depending on the type of application and mounting procedure, unpacking the ball bearings can have a significant influence on the customer’s manufacturing costs. WIB always considers this economical aspect and offers solutions, which are adapted to the specific needs of the customer.

Standard packaging

The standard packaging consists of rolls containing 10 bearings each, protected by VCI anticorrosion paper. These rolls are then placed into cardboard boxes, usually containing 100 bearings.

Industrial packaging

Industrial packaging is economical and uses plastic containers separated by VCI anticorrosion paper and packed in cardboard boxes. The bearing quantity in each container and cardboard box depends on their size and weight, as well as on the customer’s specifications. Generally, 500 to 3,000 bearings are packed in this type of packaging.

Layered packaging

Bearings of a particular shape are arranged in suitable cardboard, in layers separated by spacer plates and protected by VCI paper.

Individual packaging

Individual packaging is mainly used for sales to retailers. Three packaging types are offered:

  • Fully sealed plastic pouches for individual packaging.
  • Fully sealed plastic pouches for 10 individually packed in chains.
  • On request with more than one bearing in each compartment.
  • Fully sealed plastic pouches for packaging into an individual cardboard box marked WIB (BOX), or in cardboard boxes with 100 bearings each.


The labels printed on the individual boxes or on the cardboard boxes or on both. The following information is printed on standard WIB labels:

  • Complete product identification
  • Customer identification
  • Quantity of the packaging unit
  • Batch number
  • Week and year of shipment
Rolls 6 Packed in VCI anticorrosion paper 10 rolls, 100 pieces per cardboard box
Plastic Containers Y VCI anticorrosion paper between the containers Cardboard box with 500 to 3000 pcs, according to bearing size
Blisters in individual cardboard boxes X Sealed plastic pouches Individually packed in cardboard boxes
Layered Packaging C VCI anticorrosion paper between the layers Cardboard box, quantity of bearings according to the bearing size
Blisters in cardboard boxes (100 per box) 8 Sealed plastic pouches 100 pcs per cardboard box
Blister chains of 10 pieces 1 Sealed plastic pouches 100 pcs per cardboard box or as requested
Other On request, according to customer's specifications

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