Our Swiss ball bearings set a new standard

High-demand applications call for precision ball bearings that provide long life and unparalleled reliability. Today, you’ll find our Swiss ball bearings at the center of solutions for everything from Olympic-grade bicycles to life-saving medical equipment.

A company with a proud heritage for Swiss precision and quality, we specialize in the manufacture of bearings that range in size from 3mm internal diameter to 50 mm external diameter.

Count on us to work with you to provide the solution you need—from Swiss bearings manufactured to international standards to custom bearings and subassemblies.

Performance bearings

Access high-precision Swiss bearings manufactured to ISO/ABMA/DIN/BSA international standards. Because we maintain significant inventories of finished goods and subcomponents, we can provide quick turnarounds and short lead times for assembly, quality inspection, and shipment. And, of course, call on us for timely delivery of performance bearings tailored to your specific needs.

Industry specific

Learn how WIB works with customers to produce complete Swiss bearing portfolios that meet the needs of specialty industry segments.

Custom bearings

Work with WIB design and application engineers to design, test, validate, and produce custom Swiss bearings that meets the requirements of your unique application—from the ground up.


When your needs go well beyond the production of a single bearing, we can help you develop precision mechanical subassemblies that incorporate precision Swiss bearings and components manufactured to the most exacting specifications.


Defining parameters for your solution

At WIB, we define precise parameters for your Swiss bearings to ensure they meet your unique requirements.


The industries and applications we serve

We work with customers from a wide range of industries with high-demand applications that require only the most precise and reliable bearings.

Our innovative process sets an industry standard

You’ll find the future of manufacturing is alive and well at WIB, where Industry 4.0 technologies enable us to deliver the speed, accuracy, reliability, and quality needed for the most demanding use cases.

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