Custom ball bearings for every big idea

You’re developing advanced technologies that keep your business and your industry moving. When it’s time to move beyond standard bearing to custom ball bearings solutions designed for uniquely challenging applications, WIB is a world-class partner.

Custom ball bearings

Our capabilities have no limits

With our history of collaboration with manufacturers in a wide range of high-stakes industries, you can count on us to deliver a custom bearing solution that meets your unique system requirements.

Our engineers work with you to design and develop custom bearings that meet all your system requirements—from high-speed to high-heat applications.

You benefit from an industry-leading process that takes your design off the drawing board through prototype, validation, and production to develop a solution that reaches the highest levels of performance and controls.

It’s easy to get started

Our long history of groundbreaking accomplishments and innovative mindset are making big things possible. Let us do the same for you. Achieve the solution you need to unleash the power that lies in your unique operation. Our professionals are ready to work with you to optimize a solution when motion is your mission. Ready to get started?

Our innovative process sets an industry standard

You’ll find the future of manufacturing is alive and well at WIB, where Industry 4.0 technologies enable us to deliver the speed, accuracy, reliability, and quality needed for the most demanding use cases.

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