Precision Swiss ball bearings for high-stakes and complex applications

Just like you, we are relentless in the pursuit of innovative technologies. We are also relentless in taking on the demanding requirements of today’s mission-critical solutions for industries of all types and producing precision Swiss ball bearings that keep complex applications moving.

Ultra-precise medical applications

Get uninterrupted performance when failure
is not an option.

Industrial-scale diagnostic equipment, centrifuges and other critical medical instrumentation must run at high speeds without failure. That’s why the bearings that are components of these systems have extremely high reliability requirements. At WIB, we have worked with leading OEMs in developing custom bearings for a wide range of applications in medicine and dentistry.

Mission-critical industrial applications

Ensure agility in an automated world.

Many industrial operations involve massive machines and processes that operate around the clock. Continuous operations like these cannot afford costly machine shutdowns and require the most reliable precision bearings. We have extensive experience working with industries that must operate around the clock without interruption.

High-speed applications

Meet your need for speed.
Without the downtime.

Ultra-high-speed machine tools and other cutting-edge technologies that feature exceptionally high rotational speeds demand precision bearings that can withstand the stress caused by excessively high speeds. WIB provides a full range of bearings designed for the demands of these high-speed applications.

Innovative construction applications

When you’re architecting for an impact, work with a bearing manufacturer that’s making waves.

Many of today’s specialty installations at commercial and residential buildings incorporate challenging and complex movements that require specially designed bearings that facilitate that movement. WIB engineers have developed bearing designs and sub-assemblies that achieve a wide array of architectural visions—from intricate window systems that slide, pivot, turn, and swing out to majestic water fountains that withstand the most extreme forms of corrosion.

Professional sports applications

Achieving great results begins
with great components.

Nearly every piece of sports equipment features precision bearings that ensure a smooth rolling motion. WIB has a long history of providing sports equipment manufacturers with performance and custom bearings, including ceramic bearings for high-end bicycle manufacturers and skateboard bearings that offer quality, performance and longevity.

New technologies applications

Get ready to take the leap.

Robotics, drones, and other technologies employed by industries now and in the future will require ultra-high-precision bearings that maintain ever tighter specifications while delivering compactness, reliability and performance. Our research and development professionals are on the case, exploring the world of advanced bearing technologies.

Our innovative process sets an industry standard

You’ll find the future of manufacturing is alive and well at WIB, where Industry 4.0 technologies enable us to deliver the speed, accuracy, reliability, and quality needed for the most demanding use cases.

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