Heat Treatment

The 100 Cr6 steel rings manufactured by WIB are stabilized after hardening by annealing. As a result of this treatment, they can be used at temperatures of up to 150°C. They have a hardness of 60 to 64 HRC.

For applications operating at high temperatures or in order to reduce their sensitivity to shock loads, it is necessary to stabilize the rings at higher temperatures after hardening. It should be noted that such a stabilization will slightly reduce the hardness of the rings.

The heat stabilization designation for 100 Cr6 steel components is shown below:

100 Cr6 STEEL
Standard (S0) 150°C
S1 200°C
S2 250°C
S3 300°C
S4 350°C

The 440C stainless steel is stabilized after hardening to allow operating temperatures of the bearing of up to 150°C. The resultant hardness will be 58 to 62 HRC.

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