Turn miniature ball bearings into smart and integrated sub-assemblies

When your needs go beyond simple miniature ball bearings to complete sub-assemblies, the professionals at WIB can help. Drawing on decades of experience in designing systems using a wide range of materials, we have the expertise to produce a sub-assembly that delivers optimum precision, performance, and life. During the process, we make sure our solutions fit perfectly into your production system.

Complex sub-assembly with ball bearings

A single system from a single source

Working with us to develop a whole new solution based on your system requirements—rather than individual components of that system—is the best way to streamline your design, validation, and production. And because we take responsibility for the entire sub-assembly, there’s no need for you to manage multiple supplier relationships. So, you can focus on what you do best—manufacturing products that lead your industry.

Working with WIB ensures the quality of the final assembly. That’s because we keep an eye on what matters most, with a guarantee that every component is manufactured with Swiss precision, using an advanced production process that leads the industry.

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