Complex ball bearings sub-assembly

When your needs go beyond a single bearing.

When your application can benefit from integrating the bearing design directly into a subassembly, we’ve got you. We’ll work with you to develop a tighter design, greater compactness, and precision.

See how we’re taking bearing technology to new heights.

We’re achieving high performance in the bearings we produce for today’s manufacturers, consistently. Here’s how.

Collaboration facilitates innovation.

Our application engineers help you redefine possibilities to create the best bearing solution for your high-demand applications. Working together, we’ll take your concept from drawing board to deployment.

Our technical experts are your support team.

Receive expert technical support from concept and prototype to post-production. Consider us a secure and collaborative extension of your organization.

The future of manufacturing has arrived.

With the power of Industry 4.0 technologies, we’re taking our customers into the future. IoT and automation are enabling never-before-realized production speeds and performance at our facilities. So you can put your solution to work faster.

Swiss precision and performance. Every step of the way.

We work in increments of micrometers. And every operation—from turning to grinding to final assembly—has its own strict Swiss quality standards. If a bearing doesn’t meet those standards, it won’t leave our facilities.

Put your project in motion.

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