Industry specific ball bearings that set up new standards

Demanding applications that produce high-precision components require the highest level of quality in the equipment that produces them. WIB is recognized as an industry leader in developing complete portfolios of industry specific ball bearings for highly specialized operations. Over the years, we have worked with textile manufacturers, industries that use high-speed linear guide systems, and many more.

Complex ball bearings sub-assembly

When your needs go beyond a single bearing.

When your application can benefit from integrating the bearing design directly into a subassembly, we’ve got you. We’ll work with you to develop a tighter design, greater compactness, and precision.

Our innovative process sets an industry standard

You’ll find the future of manufacturing is alive and well at WIB, where Industry 4.0 technologies enable us to deliver the speed, accuracy, reliability, and quality needed for the most demanding use cases.

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