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Engineering Meets Architecture

  • February 22, 2024
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Integrating architectural expertise with engineering competence

In the complex world of contemporary architecture, the distinction between ordinary structures and architectural marvels lies in the use of top-quality materials combined with superior engineering. As a Swiss company, we embody this mix of elegance and innovation.

Our high-performance bearing solutions enable many architectural companies around the world to develop unique solutions to delight their most demanding customers.

A personalized approach to innovation

The road to breakthrough innovation is often paved with obstacles requiring tailor-made solutions. So when a well-known architectural firm, in the process of developing a distinctive and innovative window design, chose us as a partner for the project, the result was not a simple solution, but a pioneering achievement.

WIB engineers designed a unique sub-assembly, allowing the windows to pivot and disappear into a specially designed niche, creating uninterrupted views and the fusion of indoor and outdoor environments.

The seamless integration of this complex system is a testament to WIB’s ability to exceed expectations.

Exceeding expectations and global standards

Architectural buildings around the world require components, including bearings, that can withstand a variety of climatic conditions. To meet this need, WIB provides solutions that offer high resistance. From the rings and balls materials to the choice of lubricant and protection against contamination, every aspect is meticulously designed to provide the optimum solution for our customers.

This unwavering commitment to quality is not only recognized but expected in Swiss craftsmanship. It’s a standard that WIB upholds with pride.

Achieving the optimum solution

The construction industry combines the precision of engineering with the creativity and finesse of architecture. It constantly pushes boundaries, redefining our understanding of the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The marriage of WIB’s high-performance bearings with the architectural prowess of high-end construction redefines the standards of functional elegance in modern architecture. It’s an alliance that challenges preconceived ideas of how interior and exterior spaces can interact and transform in harmony with one another.

Our philosophy is not just to find solutions, but to bring revolutionary improvements to the user experience through architectural masterpieces.

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