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usineWIB, a Swiss company founded in 1961, specializes in the development and production of HIGH QUALITY PRECISION BALL BEARINGS. The WIB trade mark is registered in 13 different countries, both in Europe and on the American continent. About 95% of WIB production output is exported to over 30 industrialized countries.

WIB is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.


usine More than half of WIB’s revenue comes from the production of custom-made bearings developed according to client requirements, based on a broad range of standard bearings.

WIB offers its know-how in order to adapt bearings to the requirements of the machine and component designers.

By working hand-in-hand with customers, WIB is in a position to offer rational and economic solutions.

usineOur catalogue demonstrates WIB's ability to supply standard and special precision bearings for a wide range of applications. With the flexibility offered, WIB can help the customers to customize their products by choosing the appropriate variable parameters and special options.

WIB has its own engineering department and is constantly searching for new solutions in order to always better meet market requirements.



usineFounded in 1961, WIB SA owes its existence mainly to a fire.

The “Industrial Bearing Factories Bulle SA” (WIB - Wälzlager Industriewerke Bulle AG), commonly called WIB, was created after two companies, one from Geneva, “Le Roulement Genève SA” and the other from La Neuveville, “Kugelfabrik Ernst Schaer AG” merged in Bulle. The second company had gone through two successive fires.


usineThe company went through its share of highs and lows. It was bought by various groups one after another: the British group UPI signed for it in 1989, after which the Japanese group Nippon Seiko K.K (NSK) took it over. As the NSK Japan group looked to sell the company again in 2002, they were seeking a buyer who would care for the social responsibilities tied to the company. Keith Mayo, the Canadian industrialist, in whose philosophy the personnel’s well-being is a motor for success, told the group about his interest in the company.

On March 31st 2003, WIB was thus officially taken over by the Canadian group RotoPrecision(Canada) Inc. Due to the economic crisis, the company went through some structural difficulties but thanks to the investment strategy and the good faith of its new CEO, Keith Mayo, the situation quickly straightened out.

usineToday, with over 100 highly qualified and long-term staff members, as well as providing work for several apprentices, WIB has consistently developed its markets and exports 90% of its production, certified according the the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 norms. An integrated production site, WIB controls every process of the product’s creation, giving the company a unique flexibility.

Called to high performance: special bearings
In its field, WIB is considered to be a manufacturer of miniature high-precision bearings. The sizes of its products range from 3 mm for the internal diameter to 50 mm for the external diameter. The company’s strategic clients are world-renowned ball-bearing manufacturers and manufacturers of commonly used items.

usineThrough close collaboration with its clients, focused on research for customized and economical solutions, WIB develops bearings with special geometrical shapes which correspond to the specific applications required for machine and component producers. The tailor-made bearings merge the quality of the bearing’s rotation with an extra function, aiming for an improved product performance: better shock resistance, greater rigidity, less bulk and weight, airtightness, and so on.


What does the future of the company look like?
usineWIB aims to constantly invest into proposing innovative solutions to its clientele, whose requirements evolve along with the challenges facing the global market. In order to stay at the cutting-edge of its field, WIB is always exploring further into new technologies, wanting to push forwards the boundaries of precision. There will be an emphasis on research for even more environmentally-friendly production methods, but the company will nonetheless stay constantly mindful of the well-being of our staff.

Aware of the importance of professional development for its staff members, WIB regularly invests into further training, both internally and externally.

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